‘Once upon a time, two bestfriends wanted to promise each other friendship for life. They decided to make a pinky promise to each other and seal it with a pinky ring. And that’s where the story of Pinky Promises started…’

  • The founders

    Pinky Promises was founded in 2021 from a deep friendship between founders Anne May and Marit. As they wanted to celebrate their friendship, they decided to symbolically make each other a pinky promise and seal it with a pinky ring. With Pinky Promises, they want to spread the values that are also of great importance in their personal life. Love, friendship, and personal growth. 

    “Always and forever, better together”

Our mission

At Pinky Promises we carefully design pinky rings with a special meaning. It’s our mission to create meaningful jewelry that seals the bond between loved ones and motivates and supports people to achieve their personal goals. Our unique designs will make sure that you will be reminded of your promise, whether this is a promise to yourself or your loved one. 

‘Make a pinky promise to yourself or someone special’